Marriage is the most important decision that any couple can make outside of accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pastor Babish deals with each couple individually and deals with the foundational truths of establishing a Christian marriage based on God’s word which will succeed. Marriage and the family is pastor’s burden and to establish successful Christian marriages is his goal.

Areas that are discussed with the uniqueness of each couple:

1. God’s Plan
2. Christian Dating
3. Beginnings/Expectations
4. Communication
5. Shared Feelings
6. Personality/Relating Styles
7. Conflict Resolution/Problem Sharing
8. Family/Friends
9. Finances/Legal
10. Sexuality
11. God’s Plan for your marriage
12. Married before and correcting the points of failure.
13. Preparations For the Wedding

Marriage and the family is our focus which underlines our burden to establish successful, flourishing Christian marriages. This is our goal.

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