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Sunday Notes 9-26-19C

Psalm 90: 14&17

Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all of our days.

May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us – YES

establish the work of our hands


Acts 2:17-21

2 Sam. 5:19-20

 Eph 1:18

‘In the last days,’ God says, ‘I will pour out my Spirit upon all people.(the anointing) In those days I will pour out my Spirit on those who are serving me

David said, “I watched the LORD break through like a mighty flood.” So he named the place “The Lord of the Breakthrough

I pray also that you will have greater understanding in your heart so you will know the hope to which he has called us and that you will know how rich and glorious are the blessings God has promised his holy people.


2019 The Year of ….

Throughout this year remember…“It’s all about the spiritual”

“On earth as it is in heaven”

We first breakthrough in the spiritual realm

Then we see it in the physical realm


We’ve looked at: Breakthrough 2019

  • Possessing a Breakthrough Mind-set
  • The Power to Believe
  • From Believing to Receiving
  • Posturing for Breakthrough
  • In-Between Time
  • Praise Releases Breakthrough
  • Easter Your Guarantee
  • Of Breakthrough
  • Communion- Your Door to
  • Breakthrough
  • Breakthrough Through “Faithing”
  • Steps to Breakthrough in Prayer

Today we continue

A very important subject.

Perhaps the most important area in our Christian walk

The most important connection to God is PRAYER


How to have Breakthrough In Your Prayers Pt.2

We set the foundations

Today I want to look at a Biblical truth that will change your method/concept of Prayer


  • 138X in the Word of God
  • Paul says
  • Jesus was in constant prayer with the Father.
  • It was so important that he taught his disciples how and when to pray
  • Prayer was His lifeline to the Father

Prayer (definition)

  • The act or practice of speaking to God for requests, praise and thanks.
  • Conversation with God
  • Connection with God with direct communication
  • Communion with God
  • Many think prayer is
  • Wishing
  • Hoping
  • Throwing words into the air
  • Something said over food
  • Can’t hurt
  • Spending time in solitude

Many Christians say

  • I feel that God does not hear me
  • I don’t seem to get my prayers answered
  • It seems like I’m just wasting time
  • Maybe I’m praying the wrong prayers/way
  • I’m probably not praying enough
  • I don’t have enough time to pray
  • I wish I could see more results

There are a lot of questions about Prayer

  • Why is it necessary?
  • Isn’t God going to do what He wants anyway?
  • How do I know if God hears me?
  • Can I really change things?
  • If God wants do something, why does He need us?


God never moves without prayer..


He’s waiting for


He’s waiting for our



  • God gave rulership of earth to Adam
  • Adam gave it to Satan
  • Jesus came to defeat Satan and regain rulership of earth
  • Jesus gave rulership back to man again
  • Man rules earth through
  • Jesus Christ OR Satan is allowed to continue his rule & hinder man’s prayers


We looked at what the Bible says about Prayer

Jer 33:3 Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know

Matt 21:22 If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask or in prayer.”

Jer 42:3 Pray that the LORD your God will tell us where we should go and what we should do.”

Matt 26:41 “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.

1 Thess 5:16-18 Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Matt 18:19-20  “Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name,

Matt 7:7-8  “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

Last time 5 Facts about Prayer

  • Prayer connects you to the awesome power of God
  • Prayer is the most incredible power given to you
  • Prayer has no restrictions or barriers
  • When we pray God hears us
  • Your prayers are important to God

Let’s look at

Steps to Breakthrough In Your Prayers

2 important Wrong concepts

  • “If I ask the Lord more than once, doesn’t that mean I have a lack of faith?”
  • “Do I just keep asking and asking and asking    the Lord?”

Scripture references

Mark 11:24

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

Luke 11:5-8

Then he said to them, “Suppose one of you has a friend, and he goes to him at midnight and says, ‘Friend, lend me three loaves of bread, because a friend of mine on a journey has come to me, and I have nothing to set before him.’

“Then the one inside answers, ‘Don’t bother me. The door is already locked, and my children are with me in bed. I can’t get up and give you anything.’ I tell you, though he will not get up and give him the bread because he is his friend, yet because of the man’s persistence he will get up and give him as much as he needs.


Let me share the Biblical process that will change your prayers

When we receive that Breakthrough Prayer in our spirit from the Lord..

The Lord begins to work

James 5:16 The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

He begins to place things in order to answer our prayers

As we continue to ask (request)

He is given permission to unfold His plan


There will come a time in the “asking process”

That details have been established in heaven

Our next step is not a request

But a Command

This is an important change in our prayers

We move from asking to declaring

“Thy will be done on earth as it

is in heaven”

The Lord’s Prayer Matt 6:9-13

Jesus taught His disciples to pray

“The kingdom come thy will be done”

It is better translated

“Come thy kingdom Be done thy will

on earth as it is in heaven”

A command or declaration

It’s not (past false teachings)

  • “Blab it and grab it”
  • “Name it and claim it”

(presumption /hyper faith)


  • To command
  • To create
  • Call into action
  • To call what is not as if it were

This is part of the process of the
“Gifts of the Holy Spirit”

  • Word of Wisdom
  • Word of Knowledge
  • Discerning of Spirits
  • Gift of Faith

Examples of Declaration

  • Moses to the Red Sea to part
  • Speaking to the rock to produce water
  • Joshua spoke to the sun to stand still (Jos 10:12-13)
  • Prophets declaring
  • the trumpet blast by the priest to destroy Jericho
  • Jesus speaking to the sea
  • Jesus teaching to command the mountain to be removed
  • Many Testimonies


Steps to Breakthrough Prayer

  • Seek the Lord for His direction

He’s smarter than you are

He wants your highest

God can only bless what He can bless

  • Ask until you feel a release from asking

Key to Major change in Prayer

  • There will come a change in your spirit

“It is done in heaven”

Faith will begin to rise

Don’t allow the enemy to dissuade your focus

  • No longer “asking”

A transition has happened

  • Begin declaring the answer

Declaring as if it is received

Declaring Faith

  • Acknowledge God’s Faithfulness

Steps to Breakthrough Prayer

  • Seek the Lord for His direction
  • Ask until you feel a release from asking
  • There will come a change in your spirit
  • No longer “asking”
  • Begin declaring the answer
  • Acknowledge God’s Faithfulness