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Defeating the Enemy In the End Times Through Your Ministry –

The Lord is preparing and equipping the Church for his unfolding plan of revival by releasing a new anointing.

The Anointing enables  us  to move beyond our abilities so we can step into the power of the Holy Spirit.

We said as a Christian  you have:

  • a calling
  • a ministry
  • a destiny

It looks like this

your calling  your ministry your destiny

Your calling is connected to your ministry and your ministry is connected to your destiny.

We been looking at

 How to release the anointing  and minister to others.

  • Recognize and acknowledge your position in Christ
  • Ask for a special anointing for ministry
  • Acknowledged by faith the anointing that you’ve been given
  • Ask the person what areas they need help from God
  • Lead the person into a personal relationship with Christ
  • Call on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, God’s Power and Word
  • Bind the enemy in every form of robbery

The next area I want us to look into is a extremely important for the days ahead.

We’ve been discussing and looking at the various changes that we are experiencing here in this nation. Areas such as:

  • Removal the “moral compass” in this nation
  • Reformulating the principles on which this nation was built
  • Redefining foundational structures such as the family, authority and religious freedoms.

We recognize that we are not dealing with philosophies, moving from antiquated approaches to life and evolving into more “modern (free) thinking .”

Were dealing with a growing influence and manipulation by the spirit of the enemy  encroaching into every area of our lives:

  • the family
  • education
  • church
  • government
  • human behavior

The Word says that in the end times there  is going to be an attack on structures that had been established by God.


Before every move of God there are two characteristics:

  1. the “Spirit of Rebellion” against God increases (Antichrist)
  2. the Church has become powerless and ineffective.

When we begin to experience these things the Lord is preparing a mighty move by his Spirit upon the Church. (Anointing).

  • To defeat the enemy
  • Establish the Kingdom of God


Knowing how to defeat the enemy is essential to advancing the Kingdom of God.

The next area I want to look at:

     “Defeating the Powers of the Enemy

                                              in the End Times 


                                                  Your Ministry”

 to be continued….